Occasional Events

Cabernet Tug of War
June 5th, 7pm, $98 per person
Along with a beautiful selection of wine and food we have added music to accompany each dish. Food, music and wine..what more could you ask for? Also, make sure to sharpen your pencils, because after each course we will be voting on the winning pairing! 

Farmstead Cheese of Massachusetts
June 13th, 7pm, $91 per person
L'Espalier, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Cheese Guild is delighted to present a wide panoply of Massachusetts cheeses along with the opportunity to meet a cheesemaker or two.  

Spring Harvest Tasting
June 10th, 2pm, $65 per person
After a long, dark winter, spring is the time of renewal and fresh beginnings.  No less so in the world of fine tea.  April and May bring some of the finest teas resulting from the early harvesting of tender new shoots throughout Asia.