Cheese Program
Chef McClelland’s quest to serve “only the best” extends to L’Espalier’s renowned cheese program. Under the leadership of Maitre D’ and Fromager Louis Risoli, the cheese selection at L’Espalier has become nationally recognized and respected for its breadth and quality, and subsequently has been named one of the ten best cheese boards in America by Esquire Magazine, chosen by Phantom Gourmet as “ Boston’s greatest cheese service” and recognized by The New York Times.

Selections from around the globe, including cheeses from England, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and the United States, are available as an à la carte course or as the Grand Fromage portion of the Degustation menu.

Risoli strives to seek out handcrafted, artisanal cheeses with great character and depth of flavor. L’Espalier is especially proud of the relationships that have been formed with New England artisan cheese makers such as Woodcock Farm and Ruggles Hill Creamery, who provide their artisanal cheeses to L’Espalier exclusively, and is delighted to showcase their sublime efforts.

Cheeses do change seasonally and are always served at the peak of their ripeness. Most of the cheeses offered are also available for purchase to be enjoyed at home.

L'Espalier Favorites

The cold weather demands great blue cheeses to be enjoyed with a vintage Porto or a bottle of Bordeaux. Currently, L’Espalier is offering Shorpshire Blue, orange Stilton, Roquefort Papillion and Cabrales, from Spain, which Louis describes as “an earthy bombshell of blue.”

Also from Spain, L’Espalier offers Mahon, a firm nutty cheese, and a Maherero, a firm pressed goat’s cheese. They serve both of these with Membrillo, a delightfully sweet quince paste.

Wonderful goat cheeses abound on L’Espalier’s tray: Aged French Puligny-St. Pierre, St. Maure, Hubbardston Blue, as well as an incredible Humbolt Fog from Cypress Grove in California.

Other English cheeses include Mrs. Bourne’s handmade Chesire. From Corsica, Napoleon’s birthplace, they offer Fleur de Maquis, or “Flower of the Brambles,” a sheep’s milk cheese coated with the herbs on which sheep graze. This is a special treat that seems to be everyone’s favorite.